I mean, the title says it all really.

It’s crazy. Crazy awesooome.

You could get lost in the countless threads and posts about the experience of writing, whether it’s a private or public forum. And hey, some of it is potentially useful and helpful information–as well as a place to find fellow writers and much needed encouragement!

So, what are some of our favorites? Well, there’s the Reddit communities and subthreads of writers, the Amazon WriteOn group, the folks over at Goodreads and a budding community over at Tablo.io.

There’s a goldmine of information on neat tools, apps and other resources writers use to help them stay productive and improve their writing. We’ve read advice about neat tips and techniques around outlining and editing drafts. And so very many stories about the personal journeys of writers everywhere.

And there are countless other forums. If you’re into specialized topics or genres (like writing about the grand art of basket-weaving) then I bet you could find Facebook groups or meetups just for you!

I know, I know, this all sounds obvious but how often have you sought and found some valuable information about writing tools and resources or tips from your favorite writing forums? How often have you posted a burning question you have or just needed some encouragement from your fellow writers?

Need to think about it? I’ll wait…

I’m guessing many of you reading this have rarely used the power and solidarity available on some of these online forums. Well, here’s a reminder that they exist!

Seriously, it’s amazing what the Internet has managed to serve up for writers of all types, everywhere. Take advantage of it and hey, you might just find the advice, tips or writers’ therapy you’re looking for to get you back on track.

Disclaimer: Obviously, online forums are still…online. And we have no control over the monitoring of the forums we mention in this post. Fair warning about possible offensive content, inappropriate conduct and trolls.