Hello there!

TheRightMargin team has been super busy these last couple weeks cooking up some cool prototypes around making the goal-setting aspect of our workspace more robust and helpful for writers. Feel free to check them out:

  1. An approach to signing up and setting your writing milestones. Prototype? Google form goal-setting exercise.
  2. A week long experiment of being coached through directed emails focused around helping you take steps towards completing your writing goals. Prototype? Emails and a quick sign up form.
  3. Using Timed Writing Exercises (TWE) as a way to get unblocked. Prototype? A fun TWE Google form.
  4. Making our workspace, and especially cards, more goal and action oriented. Prototype? A very schnazzy Invision walkthrough with a Typeform for quick feedback.

So if you want to move forward with your writing project, get to it!

Why, you say?

Well, we are determined to make sure you, the writer, finish and achieve your writing goals. Help us out and take a gander at those prototypes.

Our plan is to synthesize and use those results soon to improve TheRightMargin app every time you visit. This is going to be awesome, people.

Feel free to comment here or let us know directly at support@therightmargin.com about whether or not you found the above exercises useful!