Treat yourself or =friends around you to some of these helpful and fun gifts for writers! The holiday season may be over, but whether it’s bar mitzvahs, birthdays, half-birthdays or because it’s leap year, there are probably many gift giving opportunities approaching. I hope this list* provides some helpful ideas for you when gifting to the writers in your life.

  1. A journal, because who could ever have enough usable, lovely to use journals?

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Baron Fig’s Confidant is a beautifully designed blank, ruled or dotted notebook that I have enjoyed using for bullet journaling, my design work, art sketches and brain dumps. It does indeed open flat and I find the dimensions and quality of paper to be superb.


  1. Creative writing fun to break up a slow day

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San Francisco Writer’s Grotto has a whole series of book titled “# Things to [draw, photograph, write, etc.]” and I’ve been getting a kick out of writing for the creative prompts in 624 Things to Write About. I bought this for myself and a friend a few years back–since she lives across the country, our goal is to fill out at least half of the book and then share our writing with one another at a future reunion.


  1. A mug (or two)

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I used to think giving a mug as a gift is a bit boring, because I’ve never gone to someone’s house and thought ‘hm, there is a dearth of mug-dom here’, but I’ve since realized that hey, mugs chip, break, and for some strange reason, some can’t even be used in the microwave (which I find… not useful). So help a friend/family member out and add some fun and sturdy mug quality to their cupboard. Now if only there was a Roald Dahl mug…


  1. Tea, tea, and more tea

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I’m by no means a tea connoisseur, but of all the Asian, European and American brands of tea that I have tried so far, I keep coming back to Mighty Leaf’s tea bags. Citrus Chamomile and Green Tea Tropical are both delicious–and have hints of fruit without any strange sweeteners or artificial flavors.


  1. Love, through music

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Confession — I still listen to most of my music on Soundcloud or via YouTube playlists of MVs, but if someone gifted me a subscription to high quality music streaming service (Pandora, Spotify) then I would definitely jump on that bandwagon and probably level up in my music tastes as well.


  1. Sanity and organization

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If you or a writerly friend are freelancers, I’ve heard good things about using Harvest to track your various projects and time on each one from copywriter and designer friends. Time-tracking tools, one-click invoices, payment reminders and more.


  1. A writer’s retreat  

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Spotting your friend for a few days at an airbnb or offering to help babysit/petsit are both great ways to help gift a retreat, and there are many writing residencies available too.



  1. Room decor that probably looks good in any interior


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Litographs sells posters, bags and shirts with designs made up of the words from your favorite novel! I have a poster of A Little Princess hanging in my room–and our UX developer Art has The Great Gatsby poster in his apartment too–a comforting and classy wall decoration.

 *This blog post is unsponsored.


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