TheRightMargin’s Mission and Values

Our mission is to help the world write more successfully. We believe that writing does not have to be a lonely journey and that every step forward can be as powerful as the moment that motivated and inspired you to write at all. Stop giving up. Start finishing.

Several months ago, our team had a brainstorm around defining our values and our mission. It seemed necessary to create our guiding principles as we approached a point in our journey when we were making focused decisions about how we were serving writers.

Shortly thereafter, we honed in on what problem we were solving and why it could work. And honestly, being able to clearly articulate what guides us as a team, our product and our mission has been immensely helpful. And it’s important to us that the world, and especially the writers we aim to serve, know what we stand for and what we value.

So without further ado, I proudly present to you TheRightMargin’s Core Values:

We are…


We innovate by understanding writers first.


We believe in…

Success through small steps.

Success is a journey made with large hopes and smart, doable goals.


We excel through…

Collaborative game planning.

We excel faster when we are together, not alone.


We say…

F*@k the status quo.

Don’t let what stands now blind you from the opportunity to make things better.


We strive to…

Be open. Be happy.

We believe in being truthful and balanced every step of the way to achieve in the long run.
Do any of these resonate with you? Tell us so! Reply here or tweet at us.


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  1. I think you nailed it! Your Mission and Values articulate what you believe in and hold dear and how that informs your decisions and actions. Great job!

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