Writers, let’s admit – we can be a gloomy bunch. We’re mercurial, often mired in self reflection and judgment – both perpetually striving to improve, while ever fearful of sliding backward, despite our hard work.

Because of this we rarely think of rewarding ourselves for incremental achievements. Perish the thought! But when we define success only against our larger goals, we forget the value of finishing the important smaller tasks composing the larger effort. By practicing a little patience, removing a bit of self judgment, and remembering to take pride in taking small steps forward, we’re not only more likely to accomplish our writing goals, we’re more likely to enjoy the journey. And, hey, as storytellers, we should probably respect the value of the journey.

Rewarding yourself for writing doesn’t always have to involve buying gifts for yourself. It can be as simple as enjoying a great cup of tea, taking a long walk in the woods, or enjoying a nice, quiet meal with your favorite person.

But you know what – occasional, self-gifting is pretty darn nice, too.

And so this week, we bring you both a gift and an opportunity. Bespoke Post’s Frontier Box, is a collection of tools worthy of Papa himself. It features not only of unique writing instruments, but also an invitation to get out into the wild world, take a break from the hustle and bustle, and allow yourself to explore.

The box is composed of all you need for an inspiring, creative jaunt into the wild (or maybe just your backyard):

  • The Kawecco sport, my favorite travel pen of all time, allows for quick access in a shirt pocket. Bonus: It’s a fountain pen, too.
  • A reliable, strapped black notebook, for an inspiring freewriting session.
  • The No8 Opinel pocket knife is a sturdy tool for looking cool while enjoying a snack on your writerly hike.
  • And, when you’re ready to celebrate your hard work, the hefty machined steel bottle opener (replete with a whale etching to make Melville proud), will pop the top of your favorite beverage with an extra dose of literary style.

So take a break to give yourself a break – because if you’re writing, and checking off those tasks required to move you forward, you are a writer. And sometimes a small gift to yourself, acknowledging your hard work, can help you remember that important fact.

Ready to finally take the next step and finish your writing project? Join TheRightMargin – We’ll show you how.

Feature image photo credit: Bespoke Post