Hey, are you looking for Christmas gift ideas for aspiring writers? For the journalers, the scribblers, the poets and scribes in your life? We hope we’ve come to your aid with our very special and curated list of gifts for aspiring writers below. Each recommendation has been personally used, appreciated, and recommended by our team here at TheRightMargin.

And hey, if none of these float your boat… hugs, a good meal, or a check-in text about how the writing is going are likely very appreciated by the writer in your life too.

Shall we… gift?

Warm and supportive gift ideas for aspiring writers

  1. Ergonomic keyboard for all those words that are being written. Well, let’s be real–basically anything ergonomic, e.g. an ergonomic mouse, desk, chair, even soup can opener, would be helpful.
  2. Heating pad, because sitting still to write can get cold and lower one’s blood circulation.
  3. Warm slippers or moccasins because most people’s feet could use some extra warmth and fluff.
  4. Back support – support that lumbar!
  5. Seat cushion – support that butt!
  6. Fancy pencil sharpener – adjust the angle, sharpen the lead separate of the wood, do it all. 

Clean, organized, and zany gift ideas for aspiring writers

  1. Fun and cute sticky notes, to provide a break from the someimtes humdrum Post-It.
  2. Volt Planner, the writing planner that helps you accomplish your goals. (This is version 2.0 of the Kickstarted Spark Planner.)
  3. Taskrabbit giftcard (or Handy giftcard). The relief and joy that comes from a clean house that was cleaned by a cleaning professional is real and true.
  4. Moleskine notebookfor the beautiful well of thoughts, musings and snatches of song in us all. Oh, and of course, for the bullet journalers.
  5. A high-class writing instrument, aka pen. Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen in Black is what our head of marketing, Will, is currently crushing on.
  6. The Fidget Cube. I’ll admit, when I’m stuck on a scene, I’ll scrunch paper, twirl pens, and chew on pencils or drink straws. Soooo, this little bundle of stress-relieving joy(with switches, snaps, poppers and a mini-joystick) looks like it might make a cozy home in my writer bag.

Food and drink gift ideas for aspiring writers

  1. Keurig machine (don’t forget the pods!). “A slim and sleek coffee maker… brew the perfect beverage every time.”
  2. Kind bars, because they’re healthy to snack on, come in a variety, are easy to transport, delicious, and filled with Omega-3s.
  3. Coffee delivery subscription, because the joy coffee-drinking writers receive from being able to make a nice cup of coffee at home, with hand-picked coffee to their taste, through their preferred brewing method, can be almost levitating. (My brother-in-law LOVES Mistobox and it’s the gift that gives… all year!)
  4. Tea AND inspiration a la Novel Teas. Each teabags has a literary quote on it. “Read ‘em and steep!”
  5. Hot water tumblr, because we all know an open cup of hot tea of coffee is just asking for a speedy cool down. My personal recommendation: Hydroflask! Their products are by far the most powerfully insulated beverage containers I’ve used thus far.
  6. Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey. We discovered this thanks to one of our good writer buddies over on WriterHangout. I suppose it’s about time someone decided to bottle up a writer’s tears and age them in American oak bourbon casks! And hey, it’s included in a book called 10 Whiskeys to Try Before you Die  so we guess it’s probably worth a taste.

Digital and informative gift ideas for aspiring writers

  1. Subscription to TheRightMargin – think of us as the digital writing tool Yoda designed to help writers of many projects and genres finish their drafts and accomplish their writing goals.
  2. ProWriting Aid, for their editing needs, especially since the holidays are always after NaNoWriMo. One of my teammates actually said “ProWriting Aid, just take my money!” when he first discovered it– if that’s not a quotable quote, I don’t know what it.
  3. Pandora for a year. All writers we know have built epic playlists to serve any writing mood imaginable. But some (most?) still get by with ad-supported Pandora. Want to save your special writer the agony of blazing loud chevy volt commercials in the middle of their Satie playlist, this is among the best gifts you could give.
  4. 100 Essential Novels Scratch-off Chart. Among the more, ahem, novel gift ideas we’ve seen this year. Per the Chicago Tribune’s write-up: “Each book is depicted by a hand-drawn cover design. After you’ve read a book, you gently scratch off the gold foil to reveal another story-specific design detail hidden underneath.”
  5. Freewrite, the smart, focusing typewriter – even if you haven’t heard of it, the long-form writer you know definitely has. Think of it like the Kindle of typewriting. 
  6. Author-In-Progress.”The no-nonsense guide for excelling at every step of the novel-writing process, from setting goals, researching, and drafting to giving and receiving critiques, polishing prose, and seeking publication.” We’re finishing our review of this book (soon), which contains practical essays and tips for writers throughout the writing journey.
  7. The Writer’s Process: Getting Your Brain in Gear. We’ve long been fans of author Anne Janzer’s take on behavioral writing and its power to improve our focus on the page. For those of you looking for a fresh take on the writing process, and one gaining steam in the author community, this is the book for you.
  8. Gift a writing class at Left Margin Lit (LML). Okay, this is right in our backyard, but the folks at LML are building something special in Berkeley, with new and awesomely titled classes such as “Tolstoy vs. Facebook“, and “Crossing the Ocean in a Bathtub“, we’re excited to watch this new force in the Bay Area grow in 2017.