This post is a run down of the expository essay ‘smart’ project on TheRightMargin’s writing platform. Smart projects are tailored writing spaces for a specific genre complete with custom guidance, suggested goals and tasks, and a unique writing space. If you’re a student, a teacher or in the edtech industry, you may find something of interest in this post to help improve student writing skills and facilitate your writing curriculum. This is new writing technology that may help alleviate some of the pain points we see in writing essays today.

We’ve talked to a few educators to come up with the current version of the expository essay on TheRightMargin writing platform. Below, we’ll walk you through how to find it on your account and the highlights of what it includes.
Expository Essay Smart Project

Getting the Expository Essay Smart Project


Step 1:

Sign up or Sign in. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see ‘Projects’ in your top navigation menu.

Smart writing projects

On your projects dashboard, go to ‘Smart Projects’.

Step 2:

Add ‘My Expository Essay’ to your Projects.Add Expository Essay to my projects

Step 3:

In your Projects dashboard, click on ‘My Expository Essay’ and you’ll see something like this:
Expository Essay Smart Project

The Highlights

This essay project is perfect for deadlines. In the right margin you can toggle back and forth to your overall timeline for a project or the milestone view, which include milestone details, date, time to reach a milestone, tasks and extra writing space.

Expository Essay Assignment MilestoneIn this view, you can add or edit your timeline’s milestones. And you can add custom dates to each one, especially if you have minor deadlines for your students’ papers.

Each milestone has it’s own set of detailed, customizable tasks. In the milestone view, you can edit, reorder, delete or add new tasks to reach a certain milestone for a project. This allows a student to use small, achievable goals to keep her on track, as well as a checklist type experience to make sure they’ve accomplished certain tasks before submission.
Each task has a writing space underneath it. 

Writing space for task

Below each task in a milestone view, you can expand or collapse a writing area. Most of
the time, the tool uses smart keyword recognition to even give students some guidance for a particular task. However, it is completely customizable and can be used for anything requiring extra writing space, ideal for notes, outlines or brainstorming for particular tasks or milestones. The structure of the platform allows a student to write side by side with this right margined notes or outlines.

time estimates in a task list

Each task has the option to add time estimates. If you click into a task under a milestone, you can add time estimates in minutes. This also allows for students to estimate how much time a particular milestone will take to reach. Besides being extremely useful for writing/work sprints (it’s linked to the built in timer on the writing tool-just hit play next to the time on the right), it helps a student procrastinate less if they understand the estimated time it would take to work on a particular segment of the project. Maybe.
Note that it adds the total time recorded in all the tasks in the top right corner of the milestone.
A student can keep track of their progress over time.
Over time, a student can check off tasks, complete milestones and keep easy track of the paper’s progress, which is perfect for assignments with multiple steps (different drafts, feedback, research, etc).Expository Essay Smart Project
There’s a nifty word counter and timer. Very visible in the right corner of the drafting space is a constantly updating word counter. And in the top right, in line with the main nav of the workspace, is an editable timer for potential timed essays (great for SAT practice!).

Bottom Line

The current version of the expository essay was crafted with the help of educators and designed to help a student learn how to write an expository essay. That means we’ve taken into account expertise to create something that can be a learnable process for students. Our mission is to fortify student writing skills using the new technology our platform can provide the educational industry. Everything here can be used as a jumping off point for a future where the text editors and writing tools students use on a daily basis are smart and adaptable enough to teach, guide and encourage students to write better.
We invite educators and students alike to comment on our Expository Essay smart project and help us improve it over time. Just write into or use the Contact Us feature when logged in on the web app. We also want to offer this tool to students for free for their first year of use. Simply use an .edu email address to sign up and write into support if you are using it for coursework. We’ll update your account accordingly.
Ready to explore it at your own leisure? Get started here.