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New Year’s Writing Resolutions for 2017

new year's writing resolutions

New Year’s writing resolutions can feel like furry, hyperactive beasts. They aren’t easy to identify and they always seem to scurry away rather quickly into the busy fog of the emerging year. 

So instead of making one or two big new year’s writing resolutions this year – and in the spirit of TheRightMargin’s philosophy of breaking down large goals into achievable milestones and tasks – I’ve decided to start the new year with a writing goal… just for January. 

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Christmas gift ideas for aspiring writers

gift ideas for aspiring writers

Hey, are you looking for Christmas gift ideas for aspiring writers? For the journalers, the scribblers, the poets and scribes in your life? We hope we’ve come to your aid with our very special and curated list of gifts for aspiring writers below. Each recommendation has been personally used, appreciated, and recommended by our team here at TheRightMargin.

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Four Writing Mantras to Help you Prioritize, Focus, and Finish

Ever wanted to get things done but because something keeps holding you back — lack of time, perfectionism, distractions, etc. — you’re not able to get going? I certainly have. There are a few creative endeavors in my life, including writing, that make me feel this way.

However, over time I’ve learned a few tactics for how to overcome this perpetuating procrastination & perfectionism routine! One of them is remembering the below four writing mantras to help me prioritize, focus, and feel optimistic that even smallest of steps forward will help me reach my end goal (which also happens to be a TRM core value).

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10 Online Grammar & Spelling Tools to Improve your Writing

proofreading copy

Every writer faces scenarios like these at one point or another:

  • You finished writing your first few chapters of that novel you’ve had in mind
  • Your friend wants to read the first draft of your sci-fi thriller
  • You’re submitting a book proposal to an agent

But you haven’t gotten the chance to do much more than a rough skim for outstanding issues. Proofreading, revising, editing — they’re incredibly important steps, but can take a lot more time than you want to spend on it right now. 

Voila, 10 online grammar and spelling tools that will help you perfect the mechanics of your writing.

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The Art of Storytelling with Jessica Mastors

The history of storytelling isn’t one of simply entertaining the masses but of also advising, instructing, challenging the status quo. Therese Fowler, Z

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