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A Plan for Revising Your Novel in TheRightMargin

revising your novel

You’ve done it! You’ve finished the first draft of your novel. Well done, fearless wordsmith. Hopefully, you’ve built in some time to celebrate and reward yourself. Now, though, it’s time to think about revising your novel.

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Improve your writing via a retrospective

Have you ever caught yourself thinking you could be a better writer? Having a healthy amount of humility in one’s own work is of course, normal. Doing a simple retrospective, or ‘retro’ for short, on your writing projects can help you save time, money and ultimately a lot of self-doubt through your writing career.

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Tips on Writing the Middle of a Novel

writing the middle of a novel

Ah, the dreaded middle of your novel – always a challenge during any novel-writing endeavor. But when its slowing effects impact your prized daily word count during the concentrated NaNoWriMo period, the results can be discouraging – even devastating. As your excitement, tempo, and flow wane, you may find yourself stuck in the difficult work of writing the middle of a novel without knowing how to go about it.

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How to Begin a Story: Writing Your Character’s Journey to Page One

begin a story

A great many writers – aspiring and established – face the dreaded question:

How and where do I begin my story? 

It turns out this is less of a question about timing and location, than it is a moment in your primary character’s life where the journey to answer a question begins.

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Use the Scene Engine to Turbo Charge Your Fiction

If you’re steeling yourself for a daily deluge of 1,667 words required to finish NaNoWriMo this year, you’re no doubt wondering how to keep going when your story hits a rut. Outside of Nano, you might have the luxury of a few days to work through your story challenge, but in November? Uhhhh, no.

So you need tools to rely on and to help you move through the inevitable ruts you’ll encounter along the way to 50k. Enter the Scene Engine. Developed by author and coach Doug Kurtz, the Scene Engine helps you quickly mine the conflict and emotional evolution of a character in a scene. It’s a cool online tool, the details of which Doug broke down in his incredible article on mining every day life for conflict.

Whether or not you use the online tool (you should) reference the below infographic when the going gets tough with your scenes. By keeping these key elements of scene building in mind, and following them when you feel stuck, you’ll be able to more confidently move through your daily word count.

[aesop_image imgwidth=”800″ img=”” align=”center” lightbox=”on” captionposition=”left”]


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