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Reading can Build Empathy

I read an article titled “How Reading A Book Can Help Us Love Our Fellow Humans” by Sarah Kovak the other day and marveled at its claim: that reading can increase empathy. Just one story, one book can be powerful enough to cause changes in brain function and structure? This could seem obvious to some, since some books can be “life-changing”, but on a scientific level, I think this is a bold claim.

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Is long-form writing less engaging?

For me, books have always been close to sacred. My parents always taught my brother and me to never physically abuse, kick, throw or stand on written work since, in our culture, it was a representation of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge. Though I didn’t really believe any celestial being would strike me down with lightning or a case of the hiccups for disrespecting literature, I listened and had no problem letting it entrench my high regard for books. Before college, I was a bookworm introvert, escaping into other worlds as a way to ignore people. And hell, when I saw the fictional book-burning scene in Indiana Jones, The Last Crusade, I cried right along with the treacherous Nazi doctor. I still hope they were fake movie props.

Books, in a word, were special.

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