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6 great creative writing prompts to get you writing again

Creative writing is fun! And those who are creative writers know it. But sometimes it can be hard, especially when you’re writing something long, something innovative or something super tricky. Creating, especially creating with words, takes serious thought energy, time and usually some amount of writerly skill. Oh yeah, and sometimes some solid writing prompts to get you started. 

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Why I Shut Up & Write

Where are you at 10:00am sharp on Saturday mornings? Sleeping in? Waking up? Waiting for brunch? I’m usually grabbing a seat at Mo Joe’s Cafe for a Shut Up & Write! marathon. To make it on time, I have to wake up before 8 in sleepy San Francisco to catch a just-shy-of-9 train that whisks me away to Berkeley and a spot at Mo Joe’s. Why do I bother? That first check-in.

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Wise advice from 7 famous authors

Why hello there,

You may have noticed us getting up and running with an awesome private writing workspace these past few weeks. It’s the bomb, we know. But collaboration is a key part of writing, whether you’re co-writing, receiving editing, feedback or advice and encouragement.

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