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Pomodoros for Writers

Pomodoro Technique

So how do you focus your mind, turn down the background noise of emails and social media, and actually create the mental space you need to get the words out? One technique I’ve been using successfully for over a decade that helped me finish six books, is the Pomodoro Technique by Francesco Cirillo.

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8 worthy podcasts for writers

Podcasts for writers

I admit it: I really love listening to good podcasts. I was hooked on the medium long before I started doing my own podcast; I’ve really grown to appreciate over the years, listening to both fiction and nonfiction podcasts, how much work goes into a really good podcast.

That’s why I’ve pulled together a list of 8 podcasts I can recommend that I think are worth your time and attention as a writer. I haven’t listened to each episode of each podcast (that would be like eating every chocolate-covered cherry in every box, in every case and pallet in a candy factory truck), but I know what I like and at least 1 of these 8 podcasts is the right one for you wherever you are in your writing career.

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Who is your favorite author?

“And what’s wScreen Shot 2015-11-12 at 2.46.40 PMritten on this one?”

“Oh, the Hemingway idea! Okay so, imagine if we had Hemingway’s face on the app, helping writers who sign up set goals for themselves? How awesome would that be?”

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Goal oriented writing is the next big thing

Hello there!

TheRightMargin team has been super busy these last couple weeks cooking up some cool prototypes around making the goal-setting aspect of our workspace more robust and helpful for writers. Feel free to check them out:

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Get your writing out there! 3 ways to make progress on your writerly hobbies

Making progress on your writing

Do you have a folder full of ‘almost done’ first drafts?

Do you write, not to get published or paid, but because a story or thought in your soul needs to be expressed?

That’s right, we’re talking to YOU, hobby writer–the lurker, sometimes semi-active, often not-active participant of the writing world!

You have a gift! You have a story, a message, a way with words that is uniquely your own.

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