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8 Thoughtful Gifts for Writers

Treat yourself or =friends around you to some of these helpful and fun gifts for writers! The holiday season may be over, but whether it’s bar mitzvahs, birthdays, half-birthdays or because it’s leap year, there are probably many gift giving opportunities approaching. I hope this list* provides some helpful ideas for you when gifting to the writers in your life.

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8 worthy podcasts for writers

Podcasts for writers

I admit it: I really love listening to good podcasts. I was hooked on the medium long before I started doing my own podcast; I’ve really grown to appreciate over the years, listening to both fiction and nonfiction podcasts, how much work goes into a really good podcast.

That’s why I’ve pulled together a list of 8 podcasts I can recommend that I think are worth your time and attention as a writer. I haven’t listened to each episode of each podcast (that would be like eating every chocolate-covered cherry in every box, in every case and pallet in a candy factory truck), but I know what I like and at least 1 of these 8 podcasts is the right one for you wherever you are in your writing career.

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What’s your New Year’s Writing Resolution?

Writing resolution

2016 is almost upon us!

What are your goals for 2016? Do you have any writing goals for the new year?

If so, maybe you’d be interested in making a writing resolution.

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Personal Disruption with Tara-Nicholle Nelson

I went to a Products That Count talk a few months ago, where Tara-Nicholle Nelson, VP of Marketing at MyFitnessPal, spoke about the personal disruption conundrum – we know what we want to do and we know how to do it, but we need help doing it. We often even know why we fail or why we can’t start… but we still need help when it comes to acting on that knowledge.

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Overcoming 3 big obstacles to writing

It’s not all that rare these days to read numbered ‘list’ articles like “Top 10 things you didn’t know about <fill in the blank>” and go ‘Woah, I totally relate to that. That is SO me.’ And generally, the immediate urge is to share such things on Facebook or Twitter and tag all your friends who would also relate to the ‘list’. However, this one particular time, I knew I had to expand upon a great ‘list’ about the obstacles to creation and share it with TheRightMargin community.

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