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How to Inspire and Encourage Yourself Past a Procrastinating Funk

What are foolproof ways you get your butt into gear?


I’m not talking about motivation, although getting one’s butt into gear does require that. What I’m talking about is hard-hitting, reality check, self-instigated, omg-how-did-I-forget-how-urgent-this-is antidote to procrastination? (A.K.A. how to motivate yourself to keep writing even when you no longer want to.)

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Writing to Practice Thankfulness

To combat this world that distracts us at every turn (and because I’m firmly in the multitasking-doesn’t-work camp), I’ve been trying to read a book in the last hour or so of my day rather than doing work or reading on my laptop. (War and Peace, no matter how much I read of you, you never get shorter.)

I’m in this flow to remind my brain of how to focus on one thing, and because I read the Medium article The Two Habits That Changed My Life. This article simultaneously reminded me of my love for reading, and also my feeling of shame when I can’t finish a New Yorker article due to my short attention span (what happened to the days I could read all day and all night without budging?)

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Why I write: The history of writing and modern immortality

It was National #WhyIWrite Day not too long ago (Oct. 20th for those who are curious) and since I’m in the business of helping people write, I should take that day seriously. And this year, I took my reflecting to the next level.

And to answer the question, ‘Why do I write?’, I started with ‘Why do we write?’.

Yes, as in humankind.

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Why I Shut Up & Write

Where are you at 10:00am sharp on Saturday mornings? Sleeping in? Waking up? Waiting for brunch? I’m usually grabbing a seat at Mo Joe’s Cafe for a Shut Up & Write! marathon. To make it on time, I have to wake up before 8 in sleepy San Francisco to catch a just-shy-of-9 train that whisks me away to Berkeley and a spot at Mo Joe’s. Why do I bother? That first check-in.

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Goal oriented writing is the next big thing

Hello there!

TheRightMargin team has been super busy these last couple weeks cooking up some cool prototypes around making the goal-setting aspect of our workspace more robust and helpful for writers. Feel free to check them out:

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